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Welcome to Evo Forums. It's small now, but with a little help from the community, we can become the largest Evo 4G specific forums. The goal is to keep everything organized and easy to find instead of being stuffed into one place. It will also let developers have control over their own section which will allow them to track bugs and suggestions better then searching through 150+ pages of a topic.
This forum software is called JaxBoards. It's new and still under development. It's not your traditional forum service though, there is no refreshing necessary. Everything is instant! If you want to test it out, you can in the spam section of the forum. If you would like to register your own forum, you can do so here!
If you are a developer for a major ROM or Kernel and would like your own subforum, please PM Skullmonkey either here or on XDA (preferred so I can confirm who you are) with the kernel/ROM name and any subforums you would like (themes/news/development/etc). I will also give you moderator to your forum which will allow you to open/close topics, pin/unpin, and move topics. You will also get a subtitle under your name stating what you have developed.
Shoutbox - History
pihuugarg : best
Skullmonkey : this is what i want forum specific mods for
Skullmonkey : working on it
Sean : looking good! now we just need people
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